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We are two home educating moms who each began our home learning journey in 2011. We enjoyed involving our children in community activities, but it required time and energy to source these out--commodities in increasingly short supply as our families grew.  And then, sometimes the work would need to be re-done as children's interests and family needs changed from year to year.  We also knew many families who needed activity-rich days due to a child's special needs or a parent's work schedule.  The idea finally arose for a one-stop shop where details of all sorts of potential homeschool enrichments could be referenced.  

A list is great, but to make this a really useful, living project we also need the input of our users--like you! Have you participated in an activity listed here?  Please take the time to provide a rating and review (in accordance with our comment policy).  Our hope is to raise awareness of the fantastic activities the Langley/Surrey areas offer to home educating families, and to help parents to spend less time re-inventing the wheel, and more time with their children. 

We hope you enjoy these options and ideas to bring your Home Learners Out and About!  

P.S.  In case you're wondering....yes, this website was created and designed by one of our homeschooled children! 

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